Volvo Pre-Purchase Inspection

Alpine Import's Pre Purchase Volvo Inspection. Covers All makes and models of Volvo. It's easy just Bring in your potential Volvo and we will do a complete inspection of it's condition. We go over the car with a fine tooth comb.

This includes

  • - Test Drive car and monitor for any abnormal sounds or problems

  • - Check all fluid levels such as oil, transmission, power steering, brake, radiator, window wash.

  • - Check for any leaks

  • - Check belts for wear and tear

  • - Check hoses

  • - Check brakes front and back

  • - Check lights

  • - Scan OBDII for any errors on newer models.

You will receive a computer print-out with all our finding at the end of the inspection and most inspections are completed in less than a hour. Please call ahead to arrange a inspection for your volvo today